Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Announcement

Ben created the announcement for Nolan before he was born. . . in that long week of waiting between when he was due and when he actually made his appearance. But we needed to add the pictures. We've finally done that, and here are the results:


Heidi said...

"man child"--oh my gosh, you kill me. :D Seriously, he's adorable! Those little tiny feet are just too precious!

Kristen said...

Congratulations! We found your blogg, and are so excited about this awesome news! You described the first two weeks wonderfuly, what a lucky little guy. Take care. We'll have to send some pictures of our five month old Naoma.

Natalie Jost said...

Hey Melanie, I'm a friend of Ben's from high school. I JUST read his email about the baby (I was away having twins)! Congratulations, seriously - looking over at my girls right now I can feel how awesome this must be for you both, to have a little piece of each of you staring back at you. All beautiful, if not for those sleepless nights, huh? :) God bless you both!