Monday, April 14, 2008

7 Random Things

Everyone and their dog has done this tag. . . except me. And as I don't have any more darling pictures of my boy to post today, I'm doing it.

1-- I am a popcorn addict and a popcorn snob. . . I will not eat microwave popcorn unless there is no other choice. My most favorite is air popped with real butter drizzled over it and plenty o' salt. Emily's popcorn off the stove is in a close second, but I don't know how to make it myself. Given the opportunity, I would prefer to eat an entire bowl of popcorn than actual dinner. (my husband doesn't let me do this very often any more)

2-- I have saved every movie ticket stub for every movie I've seen in a theater since I was 12. I'm still trying to come up with a creative way to scrapbook said ticket stubs. My first one is The Little Mermaid. I inherited this trait from my father, who still has the cards from every golf game he's ever played. . . Can you say TYPE A?

3-- I cannot eat hot fruit. I'm not sure why the temperature matters, but it does. I love fruit pie cold, but straight out of the oven, especially with ice cream melting on top. . . no thanks. Can't do it. The only exception to this rule is the grilled pineapple at Tuchanos, but even then, I prefer it to be no more than warm.

4-- I hate wind. I get that it's necessary and all that, don't get me wrong. But if I had my way, I would never have to stand in it, never have to try to picnic in it, and certainly never have to fight with it when doing an outdoor play.

5-- I have an obsession with cupcakes. We had them at our wedding. I've tried countless incarnations of recipes out of a bunch of different books. I just can't stop!

6-- I think pebble ice is one of man's greatest inventions. I'm not sure why it's so rare, but if I had my way, every Coke would come with pebble ice. . .

7-- I have strong opinions. About pretty much everything. . . In case the first 6 didn't give you that impression already.

I have enough weird quirks and pet peeves to fill up this list 10 times, but I won't bore you.


emily said...

mmm... Tucanos!! Maybe THAT'S where we should meet for lunch when I come to Utah!

Melanie said...

YES! That's a brilliant idea. I especially love it because it's loud enough that if Nolan is feeling vocal, no one notices.