Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Nolan found a new favorite toy this evening.

Daddy's tongue

It took a while to get the shots of what he was doing because every time I get the camera out these days, this is what Nolan does:


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

that is awesome! PS I can't wait for Get Smart either! :)

emily said...

that's CLASSIC. Noah is fascinated with the camera, too!

Jess said...

hahahaha, daddy's tongue is NOT a toy?!?!?! that's so cute! he has such a precious face.

Jenee Zirker said...

Nolan is so cute. You guys are really getting some great pictures of him. I need to be better about that. Our last pictures were of easter. Hey I wanted to tell you my favorite feeding tool. Sassy nurser infant feeder. It's a bottle with a huge hole so that the cereal and baby food the can suck down instead the messy hand feeding. Google it if your interested. It's my life saver. Love to hear about your adventures of a first time mom. Seems like you have it down. Good luck on the baby sitter that's tough.