Monday, April 21, 2008

Video for Grammy & Grandpa

This is the video of Nolan that we sent down to AZ so Ben's parents could catch up on his growing up. It's really long, in internet video terms, but I didn't really know how to break it up well, so I'm posting it the way I edited it in the first place.

Ben has the video camera at work this week, so I'll have to download the stuff from this weekend later, but hopefully this will satisfy everyone's desire to see how cute our little boy is, and was. . . This video only covers up to a month ago, when he turned 5 months old.



Loraine Edwards said...


Stefanie said...

Love the video and the music!! Nolan is such a cutie!!

emily said...

1. love the crib bedding
2. love his pouty little lip near the beginning
3. love his "talking" noises!
4. love his chunky legs and that he is already "eating" his feet

... okay... too many more "loves" to list!

Jess said...

omg, that's awesome...i love the bath scene when he's kicking his feet and flailing his arms...ADORABLE!!!!!