Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The possibility has become very real now. . .

Nathan is graduating from his MBA program at the U next week. And he's looking for a job.
One of the interviews he's been to, the one that looks the most promising for them at the moment, happens to be in Phoenix.

Up until now we've been lucky enough to have Jenny be our babysitter for the 3 days a week I go in to my office to work. It's been SO nice to have Nolan stay with family, and he LOVES being over there. So I'm mourning the possible loss of their family for the sake of the friendship we have with them, as well as a really great babysitting situation.

I have to find someone else, just in case the job happens and they need to be out of here quickly.

I don't know how many of you have ever tried to find a really great babysitter for your kids. . . most of you probably stay at home with yours, and therefore don't need to. . . but let me tell you, it's hard. REALLY hard. There are GREAT babysitters out there. But most of them are full.

So, dear readers, I'm asking for your help.

Do you know anyone, anywhere between Springville and Alpine, that might be willing to watch the most adorable little 6 month old in the world 3 days a week? A stay at home mom that wants some extra spending money for adding one more little one to the brood? Someone great? And preferably (as awful as this sounds) not white trashy. . . You'd be amazed at the people the state licenses as babysitters. . . seriously.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

Bless you!


Suzanne said...


for 10% off you can enter my username "smmarlatt"

Sandra said...

We always put an ad in the BYU paper, and we found some really good babysitters for our kids that way.

emily said...

I am in an eerily similar situation...My sis just got a job that will take her far far away in about a month, and she watched Noah twice a week.
We're not as stressed as you, though, b/c I only need NEED her through June 3. Still... who's gonna do those last minute helpful sits for me once she's gone??

Good luck, girl!!

Marianne said...

Yeah, we're going through the same thing as well. We have had a wonderful babysitter for Collin this year. She lives in Wymount and originally told me that her husband wouldn't be graduating until next spring. But now they think they want to move this summer, probably to Payson. So we'll have to find somebody new before school starts again. I hate that.

-Bridget said...

Oh, I know the pain of this exercise. Good luck! Wish I could be of some help to you.

Btw, are you LDS? Just wondering because one of your posts made me think maybe you are. I am, that's why I was curious.

Melanie said...


Yes m'am. That I am.

Mrs. Webster said...

Man, I'll drop out of school to watch Nolan. He's THAT cute. ;-)

Loraine Edwards said...

Would do it in a heart beat but I am a little out of the area !! Though after seeing you all this summer i might not want to leave that little cherub!