Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Later, Alligator!

Nathan, Jenny & Tanner officially moved away today. They're off to the land of Hell. . . I mean Arizona. . . to a great new job. And while I am happy for them and all that jazz, I'm also rather bummed. With both of my brother's families leaving the state inside of a couple of weeks, we feel a little friendless lately. . .

Anyway, the day that Nolan got his pictures taken, Tanner was with us, helping to get Nolan to smile, and requested some pictures of his own. He also wanted his picture taken with Nolan. How could I refuse?

This is what we came up with:
The silly smile

The real smile

Cute cousins

Sorry, Tanner, but this weeble is far more interesting than more stinkin' pictures


emily said...


Nolan is SO good for the camera! look at his calm, wide-eyed gaze!!

Marianne said...

We'll be your friends. We're up for dinner or something anytime. Nolan is so cute by the way. And he could totally take Collin. His 6th month size is bigger than Collin's 12 month size. So cute!

Stefanie said...

So cute!! Nolan has the prettiest eyes and skin! He's going to be quite the ladies out girls!

Mrs. Webster said...

We'll be home SO soon! I seriously miss Provo and the Webster/Hess/Hackett clan. But we gotta do what we gotta do...Think of all of the blessings you'll get for moving all 3 of your siblings crap in the last month...SO MANY! ;-)