Friday, May 16, 2008

Made My Day

Not often does something I see in the mall food court make my day. . . but today, at lunch, I wandered past this guy:

It's hard to tell, because I was trying to be sneaky in my picture taking, so let me set it up.

Oldish guy, slight slump to his shoulders, fully gray hair, khaki shorts, tennis shoes and socks pulled half way up to his knees.

But the crowning glory, a navy blue t-shirt with the words, in big white block letters:


Yes sir. . . yes you ARE.


Heidi said...

That dude either has crazy self-confidence or a wicked sense of humor!

Mrs. Webster said...

Love it. Probably a gift from a grandson. ;-)

I just checked out Mary's blog and the pictures are SOOOO cute! I love them! I love the cute outfits! and the naked bottom! ;-)

Nick said...

i NEED that shirt.

emily said...

that's hot.

Martina said...

dude...didja have to fight the urge not to get his digits??????

PinkMama said...

that is too funny! Thanks for the giggle. Gramps is HIP HOP for sure, not! Now if he had his shorts down off his behind and some fly shoes then maybe, lol!

-Bridget said...

Thank you for the laugh. I needed that today.