Monday, May 12, 2008

Phone Photos

It's pretty common for me to snap random photos with my phone when I don't have my big fancy camera on hand. My phone takes pretty good resolution shots, but the color and focus leave something to be desired, especially when trying to capture a squirmy 6 month old.

These are a quick catch up of some of my favorites that have been hanging out in my phone, waiting to see the light of day:

Real banana in his mesh bag thingy
He liked bananas SO much more this way than as store bought baby food
Anyone know of an easy way to clean the banana out afterward?
That was a PAIN

Playing the "drums" with some wooden spoons

Time to retire the bouncy seat
This is him trying to escape the chair to grab the vacuum cord
Good thing he was buckled in

He's been a sick little boy this week
You can tell because he's willing to cuddle up to me long enough for me to take a picture
I had to capture it, it doesn't happen enough any more

Sharing a "fish" with daddy at Smart Cookie

His first restaurant high chair experience
We went to a tiny hole-in-the-wall Chinese place in Springville and tried the high chair
He did pretty well, with the exception of trying to grab everything in sight and put it in his mouth


Stefanie said...

These photos are too cute! I love the one of Nolan trying to grab the vacuum cord...and his face as he is trying to play drums with the spoon, classic!!!

-Bridget said...

Wow, your phone takes way better shots than mine! Cute pics!

emily said...

I love the drum photo best....

And how do you get camera photos onto your blog? Just curious.

We went to dinner tonight, too, and Noah was doing the same thing-- wanting to grab everything in sight.

martina said...

how cute!! i *love* that blurry drum stick, lol