Monday, October 20, 2008

Video Time

This is another ridiculously long and indulgent video. . . mostly because I can only be bothered to buckle down and edit every 4 months. . . And this is stuff I want to remember. Kudos to those who actually make it through the whole thing.

I'm simply amazed by how quickly kids learn and grow. I cannot comprehend absorbing that much so quickly (though I obviously did at his age)

It begins with him singing along to his favorite song. . .



Stefanie said...

I made it all the way through -- twice!! (because Max liked it so much we had to watch it again)!!

Love the choices of music, and I can't believe how smart your little man is!! He is absolutely adorable. And, I am happy that you threw in a few of his tackle moves, so Max can work on perfecting his! :)

Natalie said...

Carter, Aubrey, and I also watched it twice and got a big kick out of it. Great music!

emily said...

first-- love the influence of Stef and I on your music choices here! :)

Second-- totally watched the whole thing, minorly choked up, loving seeing you being a better mom than you think you are....


Melanie said...

I know! I should have credited you guys with my fabulous taste in songs. :) I honestly couldn't find any better options out there. Those CDs are FABULOUS!

And also, thank you.