Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making Room

We have been on a pretty big clean/purge kick around here lately. We have way too much stuff for our 1300 sq. ft. of space. Storage is just frustrating, even though we have plenty of closets.

And thanks to my need for non-white walls, one of our storage issues has been many MANY cans of paint, only partly full, in one of our closets. I saw a brilliant idea on this blog the other day (and she got the idea HERE) to store left over paint, for touch ups, in mason jars. What a great space saver!

(thanks, Helen, for helping me find the original post)

So we put the plan into action Saturday night.

We went from this:
To this:

What a difference! They now fit into a corner of the
laundry room shelf,
AND Ben got to use the label maker again.



Mrs. Webster said...

Sweet! looks prettier too!

Beth said...

That is a great idea. I'm going to have to share that with my hubby. We might be stealing your idea!!!

Stefanie said...

OMG, I just felt the BIGGEST flutter of excitement! Guess what I'll be doing over the weekend! :)

Damn -- we don't have a label maker -- hmmmm..maybe I could suggest for my birthday... :)

Anna said...

It is always a good day when you get to use the label maker. And it does look really cute. Like you should display them on a shelf. But then, I am a dork like that.

Hel said...

Hey... I saw that - it was on bedifferentactnormal.blogspot.com. But she linked to livingwithlindsay.com

What a great idea.

Jenny Webster said...

How did I not remember Ben's love for the label maker? One more thing to add to our cheese house!! Hooray!

Emily S. said...

And they're cute!!

And I love that Ben is so addicted to that label maker... What a dork!

Dawn said...

Cool idea. I love the colors that you have in your house!