Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out of the Office

As we are heading out again on yet another adventure (this time to AZ), and I am not taking my computer with me (GASP!) I thought I would leave you all with a series of posts while I'm gone. . .

These posts will once again consist of cell phone photos taken by me and by Tamera, of Nolan. If you're bored, please move on. I can't come up with anything more clever right now, and some of these are downright entertaining to me (even if they aren't to you)

Today, we will start with the following:

Drawing on the magna doodle. Best invention EVER for toddlers.

Drawing on the magnadoodle in only his diaper. . .
Whatever spurs on his creative energy, I say

Throwing one of his many recent tantrums
I'm pretty sure Tamera was in the process of ruining his life or smothering his non-existent puppy or something when this happened

Much happier and playing with the ball popper.

Chillin' with some juice. He is either watching Sesame Street or Curious George. I know this for 2 reasons:
#1-- those are the 2 shows we DVR, so they can be watched at any hour, and they are the only ones he loves
#2-- It is only while watching one of those 2 shows that he sits this still

See, wasn't that fun?


Emily S. said...

what a little cutie! I wish Noah would sit that still for ANYTHING. Argh!

Tea Marie Photography said...

Oh I was definitely in the process of ruining his life... I don't believe in smothering non-existent puppies. However, I did proceed to destroy the want of chocolate rather than any other food (I believe it was that day that he wouldn't eat or drink anything, just bawled for chocolate).

Stefanie said...

Seriously, that temper tantrum looks familiar. I think Max and Nolan conspired on perfecting it while they were together in WI...