Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kiddie Pool Action

At first, it was hard to get him in the water. It was a little cold. . . but he settled for walking around, shoes ON his feet

Then he played with a few toys

And the hose.

He still won't SIT in the water, he'll just crouch down, filling his diaper (if I don't put on a swim diaper) But we'll get there. . .


Emily S. said...

wow-- that's a roomier pool than I envisioned. Fun times! Love the crocs!

gd said...

OK, Nolan's belly in that last pic is officially the cutest baby belly EVER. Love his concerned hesitancy (a word?) in the water!


Hel said...

I had the same problem with Isabel. The water was too cold in the wading pool, so I just sat in it myself while I held her. I didn't want to put it out in the direct sun (to warm up the water) because that meant direct sunburn. Ugh! I wasn't vigilant enough and just gave up. Good luck getting Nolan used to it!!

Loraine Edwards said...

cute. He is getting so big!