Sunday, May 10, 2009

My mom

They say that you can never truly appreciate your mother until you become one yourself.

My mom with me as a baby
I like to think that I appreciated my mom before then, but I certainly didn't get it. I had no clue how she did what she did. I still don't, having only 1. . .

4 of us under the age of six. . . Seriously? At the age of 25? By the time my mom was my age, I was 13. The very idea of it stresses me out. But despite the stress, she somehow found time to make a lot of our clothes, not to mention sweet Care Bears and Cabbage Patch dolls for Christmas. . . among many other things. She encouraged us to use our imaginations, and spent all of her time just being with us. I have no idea how she found that fulfilling, but I am truly grateful for the sacrifice.

My parents with Carter & Ethan, Halloween (obviously)

And best of all, she's the same kind of grandma. . . This is how I think of my mom now. . . She's the best kind of grandma. And I'm so grateful Nolan has her.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!


Emily S. said...

She sounds AMAZING. I think your mom and my mom should become email buddies like us. I think they'd get along as deeply and well as you and I do.

Happy Mom Day to her, and to you... :)

Natalie said...

That was nice! I totally agree.

Furrow said...

What a beautiful mother you have, then and now.

Sandra said...

That picture of the 4 of you is how I remember you....when I used to babysit you guys. Very scary....your mom is amazing, though! And so are you!