Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Pics

Reading Harry Potter

He often assumes this position to watch TV. He leans against a couch, the love sac, the table. . .
heaven forbid he sit down, or hold himself upright on his own power.

Eventually he just put the pillows on the ground and flopped.

He loves his Tamera

Still practicing his xylophone skills

Probably while watching the talent show episode of Sesame Street where a seal plays the glockenspiel

He always spills a little yogurt down his bib when he eats. It's an inevitable part of letting him eat it himself. But this morning he got a little more energetic.

This is what his hair does when he gets sweaty. He had been asleep on my shoulder while we walked around a store, and his curls actually stayed. I had to capture them. Here's hoping he doesn't resemble Ronald McDonald when he grows up.


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Okay so my husband is a red head and my #1 and #3 are red heads. My kids have that beautiful orange color like Nolan...and it curls like that too! My husband grew up a red head curly boy and EVERYONE called him Ronald least Nolan can say..."ahem" I have orange hair. That is what my #1 always says to people when they comment on his red hair, he likes to correct them. :) Orange is cooler anyway! :)

The Cohen's said...

I love his red hair, and his curls! He's adorable!!!!!
And what a little over achiever, already reading Harry Potter. :) All the other kids at preschool will be jealous.

Tausha and James Hansen said...

What a cute boy! I love reading your blog! You have the greatest style of blogging and I love your sense of humor.

Eve said...

I laughed outloud when I saw this post. Just to give you a little hope--my friend Rochelle was a redhead when she was born--but she's a blond now. My brother Matt was blond--he's now reddish brown. I'm picturing Nolan with straight black hair! :)

Emily S. said...

I LOVE the curls... And the xylophone. and the YOGURT EXPLOSION! Good times here... :)

Bonnie said...

He could end up like Jason. . . red until he's twelve and then dark after that.