Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July

Did we do something fun for our holiday weekend?

Why yes, we did.

We spent time with my sister's family, making use of their beautiful new grass in their perfectly shady backyard and trying not to kill any of the children.

Did I take a single picture the whole weekend?

Why no. No I didn't.

I know, it's bizarre. I take pictures of EVERYTHING. But Nolan had a little cold, so between helping with dinner both nights and trying to keep the boy from A) wiping his nose on every available surface, B) stealing sippy cups or C) diving head first down the stairs. . . there just wasn't time! I didn't even get the camera out of the car.

And it's not that I don't love America. I do.

And I am SO grateful to live in this country, where we are free to celebrate as we wish.

Because, here's my dirty little secret.

I really don't like fireworks. At all. They scare the pants off me. And even on a good day, with plenty of distance, the darkness combined with the flashing of the fireworks just serves to give me a migraine.

And since my kid is young enough not to care. . . we skipped them.

And I don't feel badly about it.

Hope you can all forgive me.


Furrow said...

You dirty commie, you.

We didn't see fireworks, either. Zo was afraid of the boat which was our conveyance to the fireworks, so we missed them. I have a feeling she would have been a bit freaked out by all the noise, anyway.

Stace said...

how have you been friends with nick for so long and not developed a love of fireworks?! that kid is such a pyro, you'd think some of it would have rubbed off....

Stefanie said...

I forgive you.

And I DID watch them. Even went against my usual 'routine' and let lil max stay up to see them. He loved them. Called them 'boom booms'. There's always next year.....

Tea Marie Photography said...

I don't really like fireworks much either, but I like them from a good distance. In Wyoming they were all around us in the neighborhood (and illegal to me even though we were in a state where they weren't). I screamed a few times and would jump at every one.

mel said...

I swa your tweet reflecting as much. We skipped them, too. Too late at night for little ones who go to bed 3-4 hours before they were to begin. And what's with the neighborhood sounding like a war zone? What's cool about that when there are sleeping littles in the house? So glad not to have to mess with the "fuss" just yet.