Friday, July 17, 2009

Miss You

Instead of randoms this Friday, I would instead like to say how much I'm going to miss my friend Trish, who we lost this week. . . well before her time.

I can still picture her running around like a mad woman at our wedding, keeping the salsa bowls full and the plates cleared from the tables. . . Picture her on stage in the many MANY shows we did together. . . picture her emptying 8 cans of Diet Coke and an entire bag of chocolate in one sitting, while eating a huge plate of broccoli for dinner. She was a wonderful and loyal friend.

But these are the times I'll miss the most. . .

Our pinochle games will never be the same.

She will be so very missed.


Eve said...

I am so sorry. I still remember crying every night watching her Ophelia. She was so incredibly moving.

gd said...

Oh, wow. I saw you'd posted this photo on FB but wasn't sure why. Thank you for sharing this.


CYNDI said...

What happened? I have many memories of her.

Emily S. said...

i wasn't expecting myself to get choked up, but here I am.

Feeling deeply for you... and for Ben. And the rest of your crew.