Thursday, July 16, 2009

Latest Videos

Just a few of our favorite moments from the last few months. Nolan currently enjoys "playing Guitar Hero" with his dad, jumping off of the couch arms, and just generally being a nutty kid. He's slowly picking up words, too, so there is hope!

And his newest favorite pastime. . .


No, it's probably not the best idea ever to let him play in the oven. I'm pretty certain he'll get over it quickly. . . and we watch VERY carefully if it's on. And how clever is that?


Anna said...

Oh my! I could write a book of comments! The guitar-hero bow. Attacking daddy who is trying to play guitar hero. The "hmmmm". The No No's.
All too cute for words. Will go watch it again.

Furrow said...

The baking is so cute! You'll have a little helper in no time.

Nate and Tami said...

That kis is too cute!!!! I love the videos!

Emily S. said...

as Noah watches raptly, growling Nolan's name, I can't help but wonder-- is it wise for me to let him see Nolan being so proficient at that oven trick???

Ha! LOVE these!

Stefanie said...

I shouldn't be surprised that a child born to two theatrical types would have perfected a BOW at such a young age. Seriously, how cute is that?

And the no no's? ADORABLE. I love that NOah is somersaulting -- I've been trying to teach Max that forever. They are too cute!