Monday, July 06, 2009

Building Words

Remember how I told you how Nolan LOVES Word World?

It's one of the few things he actually SAYS (besides Coke, chocolate, and cupcake) the second he hears the theme song . . .

(except it sounds more like WUH WUHL)

Tamera took a few cell phone pictures of him today, "building some words" with his letters. He has started sorting them by color before he builds. I guess we know he's not color blind!

And eating his alphabet soup:


Furrow said...

That's great that he's sorting colors.

Stefanie said...

Nolan is Mr. smarty pants.

First he sorts his food by color, and then he eats it?

This kid is clever.

And I think he is the next Iron Chef.

Anna said...

He is a genius. No question about it. Probably 'cause his mom is so smart.

*jess* said...

smarty pants for sure! awesome!