Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Photos - Fall 2009

OK, I know this is just a little ridiculous.
We have had our pictures taken a LOT lately.

But I couldn't resist exclaiming from the rooftops (or blogtops) my joy with these pictures. Several months ago, I took Ashley up on an offer to donate my old wedding dress to a charity her sister works with, in exchange for a photo shoot. The truth is, I'd been bugging her to take some pictures of us for a year, so this was the perfect opportunity. She was nice enough to let me put it off for a couple of months so that we could have the photos represent Nolan at 2 (even though we were a little early) I asked her to get some great shots of him, especially, and she did such a brilliant job.

Sometimes, when you meet with a photographer, it's a little awkward at first. It takes some time for everyone to warm up to each other. That didn't happen with Ashley AT ALL. We were instant friends. And you can tell how comfortable we were when you look at the pictures. It was such fun. You can see the results of the entire shoot over to the right in the side bar.

Ashley has a post with several of them on her blog, and you can visit her photography website HERE.

Maybe my favorite part. . . It totally looks like a fall day! Exactly what we were going for.
You would never know it was 75 degrees.

Thank you SO much, Ashley. I love them.


Nate and Tami said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! So cute!

Ashley Thalman said...

It was my pleasure!

Rae Lynne said...

The pictures are absolutely marvelous! My favorite (which was hard to choose because they're all wonderful) is the top picture on your posting. The 3 of you with the sun behind you... magical.

Mrs. Webster said...

oh my gosh. I love them. I really like the pic of Ben all by himself. Even though I know he doesn't like getting his picture taken! I want to blow these up and put them on my wall.

Stefanie said...

These turned out SO awesome. I love them all, and you are going to have such a tough time deciding. Reminds me I need to get off my butt to get something rolling for our 2 yr photos....

*jess* said...

wow, those turned out great...what a good looking family. :) good luck deciding which ones to get...heck, get em all!!! :D