Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Randoms

Afternoon, friends. Welcome back to Friday randoms.
How have I only posted one tiny post since last week?
Oh yeah, #1.

1. I am up to my eyeballs in my new business venture. It will be known as Out Of Frame photographic services. Our mission will be to do all of the back end work for photographers. There is a huge group of photographers in UT that are also moms who get very frustrated with the amount of extra work there is to running a sound photography business. We would be there to do all of the stuff they find less fun and more time consuming than taking pictures.

Not that we're limiting ourselves to moms. Not at all.
That's just where we're starting.

2. On the same lines. . . choosing a business name is HARD.
Branding it equally hard.

3. Ben made Chex mix last night. I can't stop eating it.
And I should. It gives me bad breath.

4. Our Dish Network decided Wed. night was a great time to stop functioning. (Thank you stupid HOA and our central dish. Don't get me started) As a result, we missed all of SYTYCD and the first 20 minutes of GLEE. To say I was annoyed is understating it a great deal.

5. Nolan's new favorite thing to do. . . walk around in our shoes. He's finally steady enough on his feet to make it work. This is only the one foot show. . . still need to capture it when he puts both shoes on. Our shoes are now never in the right place.

Ben's background music there is Nolan's current favorite song.
I will post about that next week when I upload the video I took of him singing along.


Hel said...

I am excited for your venture. Good luck!

Shoes are Isabel's favourite thing at the moment too. I am sure Nolan and Isabel would get along famously if we lived in the same country!

WhiteEyebrows said...

I am totally with you on #1 and #2... it's HARD work! I'm currently trying to decide what the future of my little side venture is... it's getting too difficult to push the ball forward myself - so I've been contemplating taking on some partners... scary!

Good luck!!