Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Randoms

1- Day 10 of the special special diet. . . I'm still alive. I haven't had a lick of caffeine, sugar, or many other substances in that span of time.

I must admit to having ingested, somewhat accidentally, a small amount of cheddar cheese. . . I tried to eat around it in my Cafe Rio salad, but wasn't wholly successful.

STILL, I'm awfully proud of myself, and am 1/3 of the way through this first month of joy.

Also, I haven't had a migraine since Sunday. Which I think its pretty darn awesome.


2- This probably goes without saying. . . but I'm really ready for it not to be winter any more. I'm tired of being cold.


3- We saw our last 2 Sundance films of the year last night. It was a sparse year for us, only seeing 3 (though I also saw one with my team from work). I have to say, though, that I'm really happy with the ones we saw. I liked all 3!

I'll post a separate entry about those.


4- My favorite product this week. . . mint water.
It's saving me once again.

Anyone have any experience with Stevia or Xylitol that can shed some light for me? I would be much more content with my morning bowl of oatmeal if it had SOME flavor. . . Slivered almonds just aren't doing it for me.


5- One of my plans for the new year was to clean and PURGE one room a week. I have had varying levels of success so far. The first week we did the pantry, which hardly counts as a ROOM, but it was big ol' job, and it was a brilliant success, so it counts as far as I'm concerned.

Week 2 I tried our bedroom. This is where I was only marginally successful. I managed to clean about half of the room (which in my world means dust. . . because dark wood furniture is a disaster to keep dusted for those who are GOOD about dusting. And let's just say that's not me.) I also managed to remove a huge pile of clothes that don't fit me any more from the closet and fold them and fill 2 garbage bags to take to the DI.

Problem? They're still sitting on the floor of the bedroom. Why? because this special little diet has had some unexpected side effects. Namely, a slight bit of weight loss. This morning, I was down 7 lbs since I started. Now, it's not that I'm holding out hope that this kind of marvelous happening will continue.

(OK, I AM holding out hope)

But just in case, I don't want to send those clothes packing yet. Because they're good clothes. My behind (and all other parts) was just too big to fit in them.

So the bedroom project is on hold.

Week 3. . . I was home alone with the boy on Saturday, as Ben had one of his MANY weekend work days to attend to. . . so I tackled the downstairs bathroom. Easily the smallest room in the house, but there was still an amazing amount of dejunking to do. I'm awed at the amount of STUFF we had crammed into that vanity.

The plan for this weekend. . . the office. Which, if you've seen it, will be no small task. It's likely to take us 2 weeks. Or at least every spare moment of this weekend, ASSUMING the small boy is cooperative.

And let's be honest, when was the last time he was cooperative?

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Shayla Taylor said...

I like Stevia. The leaves off the plant are really wierd/cool to eat. I can't remember what things you are cutting out but on my oatmeal I like a little honey or agave nectar on mine. :) We eat Steel Cut Oats. Toast them and then simmer. So good.