Monday, July 09, 2007

Movie Weekend

Finally, a nice movie weekend to do some catching up on the stuff we have wanted to see. . .

First was Transformers.

Let me just say that although my brothers (and even my dad) were into these toys as kids, I never really followed the story line. I had no idea what to expect. But Ben did, and he was kind enough to clue me in on a few things along the way.

I don't generally love Michael Bay as a director. I have been impressed with very few things that he's done over the years, but this one was great. The special effects were awesome, but not too much. The script was surprisingly good and even funny. . . and Shia LaBeouf. That kid is awesome. I was wholly impressed. The only weak link, ironically, was John Turturro. He was so ridiculously over the top that he made me cringe every time he was on screen. Very unlike his usual actor self. . .

Second movie of the weekend was Ratatouille.

I am a big Pixar fan. I have loved pretty much everything they've ever done, on some level. This was a great choice for them. The voice talent was great, while not distractingly familiar (if that makes any sense) and the animation is, once again, beautiful. I loved it.

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