Friday, July 20, 2007

A Public Service Announcement.

Spread the word.

NEVER. Under any circumstances. No matter HOW tempted you are to do so, Do business with Ken Garff Saab in Salt Lake City.

They charged us extra for a warranty that costs a RIDICULOUS amount of money to maintain. They promised us an extra key and manual for the car we bought that they have NEVER provided, or even attempted to provide.

And the "service" provided by they "Service Dept." is a piece of crap. NEVER believe the price quote they give you over the phone. NEVER believe that "Making an appointment" (which they require) will promise you that your car will be serviced at that time. And NEVER trust that it will take the amount of time they promise it will take for ROUTINE maintenance.

Can you tell I'm angry? Is it possibly because they told Ben to bring his car in for it's 30,000 mile service at 10 this morning, telling us it would take 2.5 hours, charging us $600 for said service when there is NOTHING WRONG with the car, and it is now 4:00 pm and they STILL aren't done? Is it possibly because I am stuck at work 3 hours longer than expected without a car, without a way to go get lunch, having eaten a HOT POCKET from the VENDING MACHINE for lunch. Pregnant women need to EAT!!! REAL FOOD!! (OK, granted, it was rather naive of me to trust anyone who services cars for a living to stick remotely to what they say, but COME ON!! I know I should have just driven my own self. I know that if I had, I could be home napping right now, having already turned in vacation hours for this afternoon. So I'm naive. . .)

Spread they word. Far and wide. Ken Garff Saab is a poorly run business that is not to be trusted.

The End.


Heidi said...

Quin's mom's Volvo is from Ken Garff Volvo in Orem and she's had nothing but problems with them too! Looks like it's more than just a Saab thing. I can't believe they needed to do $600 worth of work on a car that has only 30K miles on it? That smells seriously fishy. Is it not still under warranty? Man, that sucks.

The Carrie Collection said...

I think it's safe to say that Ken Garff just sucks...all around. I bought my car from them and nearly murdered the whole sales team by the time I was done. I hated the whole experience and have never returned because I feel like they're lieing to me from the second I walk in.
You should email your blog in to the manager. How bad would you hate your life if you were them? Everyone who ever bought a car from you would hate you. That would suck.

Melanie said...

ironically, the $600 service was a requirement to KEEP the warranty up to date. It was purely for the sake of checking up on everything. there was nothing wrong with the car. . . that we knew of. But on our trip we ended up having to refill the coolant (because apparently they didn't) and replace 3 tires (the 3 that hadn't been replaced in the last year anyway) They are such a joy.

dace said...

I don't think it matters which Ken Garff you go to. I have had continual problems with the Ken Garff Hyundai dealership in Salt Lake City. I will be taking my car in for the 4th time to fix a faulty air conditioner. I have filed a complaint with Hyundai corporate because this dealership stinks so bad. I never complain about the little things, but this has gone way too far. They never finish working on the car when they say they will. And this is for a simple oil change!! Pathetic and scummy to say the least.

Anonymous said...


They totally screwed us on our E500 Wagon. And... Mercedes Customer Care won't stand behind us.

They did not repair the car properly while under warranty and no insist on us paying to have it fixed properly after it just went out of warranty.

They also lied blaming the decisions on Mercedes Customer Care, while MCC pointed the finger squarely back at them.

They also tried all or nothing tactics as well. Telling us they would cover 1/2 and trying to make it sound like a good deal. If we didn't take that deal, there ws no way to get the car serviced.

Both Garff and MCC told me that they wouldn't honor the claim because I wasn't a "good enough customer" SWEAR TO GOD!!!

Don't give Ken Garff ANY MORE MONEY!

Anonymous said...

Ken Garff...ha! They JACK up every car they sell. High pressure tactics, keeping people around by keeping the keys to their cars while they supposedly inspect it as a trade-in. Total ripoff. And most likely the overpriced used car you do end up buying from them will be falling apart - piece by lousy piece by lousy piece and there's nothing they will do to help you. Been there, done that. Never, ever again.

Anonymous said...

Worst quality work ever. They focus so much more on how much more they can charge you that they forget to do what they are supposed to do. Take your car somewhere else