Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Update

Logic says that the higher your altitude, the cooler the air. This is generally true no matter what time of year you are in, which is why that snow stays on the tops of the mountains longer than it stays in the valleys. It's also why Park City was a great place for our honeymoon. It was warm, but not the 100+ degrees it was at our house. . .

The same logic should have been able to be applied to the cabin my grandparents have up in Logan canyon. It's pretty far up there, and in my past experience, I've never been overly warm up there.

Apparently I've never been there in July.

The evenings were wonderful and comfortable. Luckily there were fans. But seriously, Saturday I didn't think I would ever cool off again. Thank heaven mom had a rare forgetful moment and neglected to bring the hamburger for dinner. We were all thrilled to take a trip down to Logan and spend a glorious hour or so in McDonalds, eating deep fried food and soaking up the air conditioning.

I think, in the end, the kids barely noticed the heat. They're resilient.

Grandpa took the boys on a "snake hunt" after a little basic training, and it was the highlight of the very hot day for them.

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The Carrie Collection said...

Darling! Are those your niece and nephews? Cute pics.