Friday, July 06, 2007

New Toys

This past week we considered, for several days, replacing the TV in our family room with something much bigger and fancier than the TV we have now. We had money saved up that we could have used, and the tech geeks within us really loved the idea of a huge flat screen TV. Heaven knows we'll be staying home and watching TV a LOT more in a couple more months, and we were rationalizing it all over the place. . .

In the long run, though, we decided
against it. We decided to splurge in a much smaller way, on something much more reasonably priced, and put the rest of the money away in a college fund for the wee one.

For our specia
l treat, we went to Williams Sonoma (surprise, surprise) and bought something we really didn't need, but that we totally love. We had seen it reviewed all over the place, raves all around. We have 2 other ice cream makers, one of the old ice and salt kind, one that you have to freeze the canister for at least 8 hours before hand. Being the poor planners we sometimes are, we never think to put the canister in the freezer. And the ice and salt way is just messy and annoying. This one. . . holy cow is it an improvement. We made 2 batches of yummy vanilla at my parent's house this weekend and it was both super easy and super yummy. I can't wait to try some sorbet!

We also got aprons

this DARLING bug cake pan (yeah, just what I need)

And all for a SMALL fraction of the price of that TV.

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