Monday, July 02, 2007

Private Practice

I can't decide how to feel about the change in casting on the Grey's Anatomy spinoff Private Practice. On the one hand, I have loved Merrin Dungey since the first season of Alias, and I was so sad when she was no longer on the show. And I was THRILLED when I found out she'd be on this show, which was sure to be watched, at least for a while, by the gazillions of Grey's Anatomy fans out there (myself included).

But seriously, how can I argue with the replacement they've chosen for her?

Audra McDonald. The woman for whom I wrecked my car a couple of years ago (OK, that wasn't totally a choice, but it is a coincidence) She has made the jump to Hollywood several times, and it's never stuck. I'm rooting for her this time. Even if Merrin had to be ousted for her to get cast.

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