Friday, July 27, 2007

San Diego, part 1

So, the trip is over. We're back in Utah and I'm back at work today. What a bummer. It was so nice to be away for a while. We got a rocky start on Friday, meaning to leave by about 1 pm and not actually leaving our house until about 7:45. It was midnight by the time we made it to Mesquite and our hotel. I was exhausted, and that was precisely the way I didn't want to start the trip. . . But the hotel was clean and nice, and that helped.

We finished the drive the next day, without incident. Ben had gone over to Walmart as soon as he woke up to buy Harry Potter. H
e read the first 5 chapters to me while I drove.

Once in San Diego, we went with our gracious hosts, Ben's sister Tiffany and her family, to a birthday dinner for their oldest daughter Madison. She turned 8 on Sunday, and we celebrated with a "Kim Possible" ice cream cake.

We went up to Ramona to visit some high school friends, and visit Ben's favorite Mexican food. Followed by a matinee of West Side Story. . . Some day. SOME day, we will learn our lesson about community theatre. It's just so very hard to watch sometimes. . .

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