Monday, October 01, 2007

What Happened to Fall?

Did it really snow this weekend? Oh yes, it did. On September 29th. . . what IS THAT?!

We were on our way up to Salt Lake to go to a presentation by a time share company (don't ask. I don't want to talk about it) and do some shopping when the rain most definitely turned to sleet, and then snow. And by the time we made it home Saturday night, there was a nice dusting on everything. That's right, not only did it snow. It stuck!

And here's the thing. . . it's not that I really mind snow that much. And it's not that I really care that much that we had one little freak storm.
What I DO care about, is that we get to have fall. I suffered, pregnant, through the hottest summer EVER in Utah. I think I DESERVE at least a month of wonderful comfortable 70s and turning leaves and chilly, but not cold nights. I deserve that awesome smell that's in the air during the month of October.

It's my favorite season, for heaven's sake!

And also, I have no warm maternity clothes. . .


janelle said...

you don't have to talk about it but andrew and i too were once victims of the time share presentation. i can guarantee it was far more uncomfortable for a dating non-cohabitating student-budget couple. it wasn't even worth the $75 voucher to best buy.

and i'm right there with you on the weather. though i wish summer lasted all year long.

Anonymous said...

I was worried about not having maternity "warm" clothes, luckily it's still fall here. Although it is snowing in the mountains. Well, I wanted to tell you that you were the closest to my due date bet. You were only a day off. You should try your luck gambling...haha. Just kidding. Hope all is well, you're almost there! And it's totally worth it. Try and sleep as much as you can now (if that's possible in the last part of pregnancy) cause it's really not possible once baby comes!

Melanie said...

Hooray!! I am usually awful at betting. Maybe Nolan and Claire had a little pact up there in heaven to make me feel better. :)