Friday, January 04, 2008

Fakey Christmas

In the midst of the RSV junk I have yet to talk about our second family weekend of the holidays. Ben lovingly referred to it as "fakey Christmas", in that we saved the drawing gifts from my family to open New Years Eve because we all spent our holidays with inlaws this year. It was sort of cheating, I'll admit, but it was still fun to see everyone open their gifts, so I sort of don't care that it was cheating. We spent a good portion of the weekend playing Wii (yes, we are the proud owners of a Wii now, thanks to an "accidental" purchase on ebay. Ben claims it was Nolan's Christmas present. Those of you that know Ben, you be the judge of the truth of that one. . .)

Here are some highlights:

Jer & Emily got a gorgeous picture of the Salt Lake Temple from Nathan and Jenny

Grandma and Natalie (Aubrey was helping Nat with the unwrapping)

Grandpa finally taking his turn unwrapping a book from Natalie





Nolan slept on my lap through the whole process, but I know he'll be quite pleased with all of the nice gifts everyone gave him as soon as he becomes aware of them. . . Ben was on camera duty, proving once again that he's better with it than I am. Thank goodness.

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Marianne said...

Sorry to hear that Nolan has RSV. That's crappy. Mark is convinced we need to buy a Wii after playing my brother in laws all Christmas weekend. I'll admit it is pretty fun.