Friday, January 25, 2008

Movie night

So, there was a bit of frustration and a little snafu in regards to going to see Raisin In The Sun last night. First off, we discovered that the movie was going to be about 3 hours long, which would have put us home round about 1:30 or 2 am. Since it was a Thursday night and Jeremy & Emily were going to be babysitting for us, I didn't feel at all good about that. I decided that I would stay home and Ben would go to the movie. But then it turned out that when Melissa ordered the tickets she unknowingly checked a box saying she'd pick them up from the box office. Which is NOT at the theater, and closes at 7pm. By the time we realized that, it was too late. SO, long story short, none of us went.

Instead, Ben, Melissa and I went to Provo Town Center to catch up on movies we'd missed, Juno and Sweeney Todd. We took the baby with us to Juno, and he pretty much slept through the whole thing, and then took him home and put him to bed. Jer & Emily came over to babysit while we went to Sweeney.
I really liked Juno. My expectations were a little high going in, so I wasn't bowled over by it, but I definitely liked it and really enjoyed the writing and acting. It's a great little movie.

Sweeney was actually better than I expected, because I went in with really low expectations. I missed the choral numbers, I wished the actors were better singers, in a technical sense, especially Helena, but they didn't screw it up. Also, after everything I'd heard about it being gruesome, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, because it was so very theatrical.

On the way home we had a small issue with Ben's car being towed, so that definitely put a damper on the night (if you ever have an extra $121 you don't know what to do with, park in the Brigham's Landing parking lot after midnight. For some odd reason that's a no-no) but it was still good to catch up on a couple of things we really want to see.
Thanks Jer & Em. It was so nice of you to let us have a night out!

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Eric's Mommy said...

I can't wait to see Sweeney!