Monday, January 07, 2008


One of the big issues of having a newborn has really become less of an issue for us lately. It actually started the first night we were in Vernal, and has been pretty consistent ever since, with a couple of exceptions when the bronchiolitis was really bad.

Our child is sleeping for a 5 hour stretch.

Yes, it's only one 5 hour stretch a night. And yes, the rest of the night it's usually only 2-3 hours a time. But one 5 hour stretch is awesome!

The picture is him sleeping next to me while I work. . . the duck is called Shirley, and she's his favorite nap partner. He cuddles her and licks her beak when he's awake, too. . . in the other hand is his pacifier. He usually has it in his mouth, but he's pretty possessive of it even when it's not. Thank heaven he likes that thing!


Anonymous said...

That really is a beautiful kid you've got there! Looks like you all had a fun New Year! later ~Buns

Jenee said...

Nolan is so cute it looks like he's growing like a weed. We are at the 5 hours of sleep a night too and I agree it's awesome.