Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Shades

It must be a January thing. . . last year I lost my sunglasses, this year, they were irreparably broken. I was pretty attached to the dumb things. I'd had them a long time, and was very careful not to get a scratch on them, let alone lose a lens or something equally horrible. I always kept them in their hard shell case, and they lived snuggly in my purse when not on my face.

And then I stopped carrying a purse.

It just isn't practical for me, at this point, to carry another bag. I can throw my wallet, keys, phone and sunglasses in the diaper bag, and though it adds a little bulk to that bag, it's one less thing to carry.

But stuff doesn't stay in it very well sometimes.

Getting it out of the car the other day, the sunglasses case went flying. Ben picked it up from the parking lot, but didn't check to make sure the glasses were still inside. . . who would? Turns out, the glasses had made their escape, placing themselves in the path of Sam the Saab, and their fate was sealed. They are now in about 53 pieces in the bottom of the trash can.

But, being that my eyes are crazy sensitive to the glaring rays of the sun, and being that there's plenty of bright snow out there trying it's darndest to blind me, they had to be replaced.

And that is how I came to be the proud owner of these:

They're Fox, which is made by Oakley, apparently. They're a bit larger in lens than I'm totally comfortable with, but as HUGE is the style, these are modest. And I think they're stylish enough to last me a while.

I went with the theory that worked for me last time. Pay a little bit more, baby the heck out of them, and they'll last forever.

Or until they commit suicide. . .

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Eric's Mommy said...

I love, love, love those sunglasses! I have a hard time buying sunglasses, I'm so picky.