Monday, January 14, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Ben's cousin Steven got married this past weekend. Ben was in charge of filling in the photographic gaps. They had a professional come to the temple, but they wanted pictures of the reception as well. The lighting was pretty awful in the church gym, but with a little help from photoshop, I think there are some really great shots. Here are a few:

The bride and groom and their parents

Steven & Molly taking a break before the reception

Chloe, Isabella and Helaina

Nolan hanging with Aunt Jen
Is that not the cutest sweater?
It was a gift from the Knudsens.

Ben with his three sisters
Kim, Tiffany, and Hilary

Nolan and Joey

Joey is Ben's cousin's little boy, and he is adorable. Insanely well spoken for a 2 year old. He has an awesome color of auburn hair that I'm hoping will be the direction Nolan's goes as he gets older. It's so cute.

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