Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lolo's Visit

OK, now it's time for a happier post.

Our dear friend Loraine has been here in Utah visiting for the past 3 weeks. She was my teacher and my mentor in stage management at BYU, but has since gone home to inspire the college students on the other side of the pond. We all miss her terribly, and we were so excited to have her come visit us.

Over the weekend, we joined some of our other friends and had brunch at the Grand America. It was SO good. We had to take a few pictures when we were done. The lighting was AWFUL for picture taking in the lobby, and I didn't adjust my settings on my camera very well to adapt. . . so the lighting is not the best. . . I had to make a couple of them black and white so they didn't look hideous. Sorry. :(

The group of us. Ben, Me, Loraine, Nolan, Marcie, Carrie, Jensen, Peter & Trish

Nolan LOVED his auntie LoLo. The first day he met her he jumped into her arms, and he didn't stop loving her the whole time she was here. They were good buddies.

Hanging with Peter. Nolan really does like Peter, he was just DONE having his picture taken.

Loraine, Jensen & Carrie

Thanks for visiting with us, Loraine! We will miss you!


Eve said...

I cannot believe Jenson is that old!! I guess it makes sense since it's been 12 years since I had Carrie's acting class--but my word time flies! What a wonderful brunch. I miss everyone there so much. I wish I could have been there. I'll be home for Christmas. I want to see you!

Angie said...

Looks like you had a nice time!

emily said...

what a cute, fun bunch! Glad you got to have some fun recently!

Loraine Edwards said...

I have got to go on a diet. I will look slimmer on the next visit !! Miss you all!