Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend Roundup

We had a rather busy weekend at the Hess house. . . I wish I'd taken more pictures of it than I did.

Saturday was especially crazy. Ben had rehearsal at 8 am, and while he was gone, Nolan and I took a morning walk before it got too hot. We cleaned the house a bit and I managed to take a shower while the babe napped.

Our first outing of the day was shopping. We visited Good Earth for some Mint Water and baby food. (Yes, I buy the organic stuff. I really had every intention of making baby food, but let's be real. . . WHEN?) We then went to Funfinity, our favorite Springville toy store, for some gifts, and Christophers, for some healthy lunch.

After several failed attempts to get Nolan to nap, we decided to let him nap on our drive north instead, and we took off for Bountiful. We had 2 wedding receptions to attend on Saturday, and thanks to some good luck for us, both were in Bountiful. First was Ben's cousin Kaycee, and second was our dear friend Cecily. Both were beautiful. I love watching people just starting out. . . So awesome.

On our way back from Bountiful, we stopped in Salt Lake. Our friend Loraine is in town from across the pond, and we had to introduce her to wee Nolan. He took to her immediately, despite the fact that it was past his bed time. I wish I'd taken a picture. I will have to the next time we see her.

Phew! By the time we made it home on Saturday night, we were all exhausted! Thankfully, we all slept pretty well.

Sunday was my turn to teach Sunday School, so I spent the morning planning my lesson. Nolan wanted to participate:

After church we did our best to just VEG. We watched some movies (Ben was a trooper and put up with 2 chick movies in a row!), Ben made home made pizza, and we tried not to think too hard about anything. It was really nice.

Nolan and I played a little peek-a-boo with a blanket. . . He loves to do this with his blankets. I cover him up and he pulls it right off again. But this time I used a big blanket, and he couldn't get it off. It's so thin, though, that he could easily breath, and even see through it a little bit, so he didn't freak out. he just sat there with it on his head, and then crawled around with it for a while. It was pretty awesome.

He just looks so big to me these days.
And that is the end of my long ramble.
Happy Monday!


emily said...

loved the "roundup"!
I'm impressed Nolan managed TWO receptions and a friend visit and was still charming at the end of it. Yay, Nolan!!
Your Sunday sounded really relaxing and fabulous! Ours, was too... I love that photo of Nolan with the SS manual. :)

Hope this week is calm and has fun moments!

Jenee Zirker said...
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Jenee Zirker said...

Every time I see pics of Nolan he gets cuter and cuter. Sounds like you are staying plenty busy. Funny how one addition to the family can cause such craziness. Just wait until you add two more.

Angie said...

Nolan is too cute! Sounds like a busy weekend. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

Lisa said...

Lily was calling people on my cell phone today to chat, but none of her usuals were picking up. I asked her who else she wanted to talk to. She thought for a second and then grinned, "Nolan." We have his cute little gorilla, by the way, but we'll take good care of him until we see you next.