Saturday, August 30, 2008

Orange Dinner

Tonight, after a fun filled day, and a BYU game (on TV), Nolan and I came home by ourselves and had a little late supper to supplement the pizza we had at Jer & Emily's. Dinner consisted of 2 things Nolan likes to eat by himself, because I didn't feel like feeding him.

Goldfish crackers and fresh peach. (both orange, of course)
I love fall. I would live on peaches if I could.

Here are a few moments:As you can see, he's pretty much embraced strawless sippy cups, as long as there's just water in them. Which is fine, because it was 100 degrees today. He needed some hydration.

I love the intense concentration it still requires for him to pick something up with those little fingers.


Angie said...

We just bought goldfish crackers yesterday for Rylan to try. I am so confused with the sippy cups! He can drink from a regular cup, but it's really messy. He still has a hard time using sippy cups. What's a mom to do? Nolan looks so cute in his highchair!

Jenny Webster said...

Such a cute little eater! Your dad said he's all over the place now! Crazy!