Monday, September 22, 2008

High Schoolness

Before we move on to the picturey posts from the weekend, I would like to oblige Stefanie and do a little high school tag. . .

1. Did you date someone from your high school:
Well. . . Date may be technically inaccurate. Hang out with, kiss, etc ? Yes.

2. What kind of car did you drive?
The great white beast of a 1985 suburban on a bad day, the boat of a white Caprice on a better day, and the 1994 white suburban (which was totally SWEET) on a great day. But I never got to actually drive to school.
I was an oldest child, after all.

3. What is your most embarrassing moment in high school?:
Oh geez. . . To be honest, I don't embarrass that easily. I'm sure I SHOULD have been mortified MANY times, but I have blocked those things out. Also, I hate embarrassing moment questions.

4. Were you a party animal?:
he he he. NO. I was the Mormon. 'nuff said. I DID throw some pretty killer Calculus study parties at my house, complete with popcorn and Kool Aid. Yeah, I was awesome.

5. Were you considered a flirt?:
I don't know if other people considered me a flirt, but I probably was. Am I good at it? I doubt it. . . but I thought I was.

6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?:
None of the above. I was a stage crew girl. Which was a lot less emo than you'd think. . . Not a trench coat or dungeons and dragons player among us. And overwhelmingly girls.

7. Were you a nerd? :
Depends on your definition. Probably. I was in the AP classes and National Honor Society. I'm sure that qualifies me.

8. Were you on any varsity teams?:
HA!! NO. I am the most uncoordinated person on the planet. Not to mention the asthma.

9. Did you get suspended/expelled?:
No. I was a goody goody.

10. Can you still sing the fight song?:
I don't know that I could have when I was IN high school. But I certainly can't now.

11. Who were your favorite teachers?:
Mr. Snyder, my drama teacher. He can be blamed for leading me to the life of theatre. . .

12. Where did you sit during lunch?:
Usually in the drama room or the auditorium, though there were stints outside and in the cafeteria for brief times. . . mostly freshman year.

13. School Mascot?:

14. Did you go to homecoming and with who?:
No. We had anti-homecoming cookie making parties at Whitney's house instead. Dances just weren't that cool in our crowd. . . thank heaven.
Being uncoordinated doesn't help at dances.

15. If you could go back and do it again, would you?:
Meh. I guess. Knowing what I know now, it would probably be a lot more fun.
I would certainly do it WITHOUT early morning seminary, though, if I had my way. If I just had to reverse time and do it again, no, probably not. . .

16. What do you remember most about graduation?:
Pictures out on the lawn at William & Mary & the party at Jessica's house afterward. . . I have very few memories of the actual ceremony.

17. Where did you go senior skip day?:
I don't think we had that. . . did we have that? If we did, I don't think I participated.

18. Have you gained weight since then?:
Please. Of COURSE.

19. Who was your prom date?:
The first year, I went with David Villareal. . . we decided to go, as friends, at the last minute. . . I can't remember why. He was probably 2 years younger than me. . . And the second year I went with John Hemming. . . again, just as friends. Did I mention I hate dances and never really went on real dates? I do remember that senior prom out at Indian Fields was the first time I had asparagus, and it had sand in it, so it was YEARS before I ate it again. Oh, and both of my dresses were pretty hideous, although I give my mom props for creating the lacey wonder I requested my jr year. . . it was a feat of engineering.

20. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion?:
I did! And it was fun. I got to hang out with all of my stage crew girls at once, for the first time in. . . I think 9 years.

21. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself?: Relax. . . Don't take everything so seriously. . . Enjoy it more. . . And eat less Wendys, even if it is cheap.

And I now tag. . . (for what it's worth to you)

The other Stefanie, Lisa, Jenee, Emily & Emily. . . and anyone else that thinks this might be fun. .. it kind of was for me.

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SO fun! I like seeing how you were in high school!