Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today's Truths

-- I LOVE FALL. (I know this is just a tease of fall, but still. . . 70 degrees is PERFECT )

-- There's nothing better to a mom working from home than a nice long nap taken by her baby.

-- While it is important to Ben's job security. . . I really hate it when school starts and the students come back in droves. The only drivers in Provo more annoying than Women's Conference attendees, are returning students and their parents.

-- It's ridiculous that it takes Ben 20 minutes to get to his job, and it takes me 25 to get to mine.

**East Canyon - photo by Peter and Monika Wyrzykowski**


Eve said...

I love that 20 minutes is a long commute. I wasn't sure what you meant-then I realized that 20 minutes is viewed as a long commute. I don't even need to paint the picture of traffic in and around DC. Just know that I'm laughing a little inside. And crying.

Amelia said...

Random comment time. I love fall too, excited. I remember growing up, we always knew the students were back based on the whacked out parking they did in the lots. At least pretend to try to keep it between the lines. And I too thought we were doing good by having only a 20 minute commute. Ugh, DC. Sometimes I love it, mostly not as much.

Melanie said...

I should have been more specific. The real issue is that Ben's commute is 8 miles and mine is 25, and they take close to the same amount of time. I suppose 20 minutes really isn't that bad, I just think it's silly that it takes him that long to go 8 miles.

Jenny Webster said...

Yeah I really don't miss the crazy student drivers etc in Provo! You'd think we'd have more traffic here in town than you would in Provo, but it's actually really nice! Nates commute to work in traffic is only 20 min also and that is so much nicer than the slc one he did to the U!

Sandra said...

AMEN about the BYU traffic. HATE IT!!!

emily said...

i ♥ fall too.... mmmmm!!! Can't WAIT for it to really FEEL like it!