Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Video

A little video showcasing Nolan's love for his glow worm, our attempts to get him to walk on his own, and his love for his dad. We've showed him how to scratch Ben's back, and he loves to do it. He loves his daddy.



emily said...

LOVE it! What a cute little montage. Noah was riveted, watching every move. I think he liked the music, too.


Rebekah said...

OMG! That was just too cute!

megan said...

awww. look, now I'm all choked up, that was so sweet.

too cute. And where did you get the glow worm? I looked at k-mart and target and shopko when Ollie was little, and could not find one. i suppose I should have thought of a toy store or the internet. heh.

Sufoot said...

My favorite part is when, while he's scratching Ben's back, he briefly lays mid-scratch, he gets all tuckered out...but Dad's back needs to get scratched! he's back up in seconds.

I kinda dig your kid a lot.

Stefanie said...

Can I hire out Nolan for a good back scratch???

That is seriously cute....I love your video editing skills -- such a great one!

Melanie said...

Susan, he was actually giving Ben a hug. :) He kept pausing to hug him and then scratching again. If I had left my awful mommy voice on there you would have heard me tell him to "give daddy loves"

And yes, Stef, I think he's willing to scratch for goldfish. . . just like a puppy that way. He works for treats. :)

Jenee Zirker said...

How darling is he. I love that he scratches his daddy's back that's great.