Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Movies of the Month

Wristcutters, A Love Story
This was Rachel's suggestion. . . and she gave it a positive review, so even though it looked odd, I decided to try it. It was insanely independent in feel. And that served it well in some spots and not in others. I LOVED the first section where the main character is cleaning his room. Really well done. But overall, the movie was too bizarre for me to really like it. And Shannon Sossamon. Seriously, people, WHY does she keep getting acting jobs? She's AWFUL. And this movie did nothing to change my opinion of her.

Robin Hood, Season 1
I wanted to like this. I loved Richard Armitage in North and South. . . and he's not at all bad in this either, but the writing is CRAP! Like serious, awful, can't sit through it, crap. The plot lines were un-good, the set ups for the romances were totally contrived. It was like they weren't even trying. . . anyway, skip it.

The Kite Runner
I read this book on my lunch breaks for months. (I know, that's pretty ridiculous) And I loved it. I was amazed at how accessible it was. But the movie. . . the truth is, I didn't want to see the things that happened to those boys. And the adaptation did the story no favors. And the boys acting (bless them, I'm sure they tried) just didn't live up to the characters I'd created in my head. I couldn't even finish it. I tried several times, and then just sent it back, preferring to remember the story my way.

Smart People
The acting is great, the writing is good. . . it's one of those quiet independent films that I sometimes just truly enjoy. It's one of the biggest stretches I've ever seen from Dennis Quaid, and he pulls it off nicely. Did I love the movie? Not really. . . I can't say loved. But it's well made, and worth watching if you loved the Squid and the Whale, for instance.

Starter For 10
Oh, how I love me some James McAvoy. I thought to myself, a British chick movie with James in it. . . YES. And a lot of it, I really enjoyed. But I didn't totally love the script. And I didn't totally understand why it was set in 1985. I guess maybe the Brits will understand that better than I do. . . but I think I would have been pulled out a LOT less if it was set now. . . I don't think I'd really recommend this one unless you really REALLY like Mr. McAvoy.

Rescue Dawn
This movie was a lot less violent than I expected it to be. It was a war movie. . . I just assumed that it would be. The performances were awesome, particularly by Steve Zahn and Christian Bale. Christian Bale was awkward and nerdy in a way I've never seen from him. (it was brilliant!!) It's worth watching if you enjoy war movies.

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
This movie is just FUN. It's got an amazing cast, first of all, so there's little they can do wrong. The art direction is great, the writing is fine (though not STELLAR), and the accents are good. And the whole movie, amazingly, takes place in one day! It's so worth watching if you want a lighthearted little movie.

Then She Found Me
Helen Hunt directed this movie, and she has a different sensibility than I expected from her, frankly. It's a very naturalistic film. You feel like you are literally looking at these people's lives the way they actually live them. About 45 minutes in, I was pretty bored by this movie. . . but by the end, I must admit to having been carried away by it. I think I may even recommend it. It is rated R, and while it's not terribly offensive, it probably deserves the rating. Just so you're warned.

The Fall
This movie was pretty. And I love pretty. The acting was good. I loved Lee Pace in this role. . . it was probably the best work I've seen him do so far (though I tend to like him generally). . . and the little girl was ADORABLE. It's a bizarre sort of fantasy, all the imagining of the little girl hearing the story. I would suggest it, but don't expect a complex story line. . . it's pretty simple.


Anonymous said...

This was pretty good. You can find more here: http://smalltalkies.com/movie.php?id=36

Oliver and Megan Hansen said...

I enjoy your ratings--it helps me decide on new movies to watch. :) I just wanted to add to your comments about Kite Runner--I'd never read the book, but when I went to the movie store, I saw it and thought, why not? Well..you're right--I didn't want to see what happened to those boys either & while it is a very interesting story line & makes you think A LOT, I seriously had to detox myself for the next hour so that(as a mother) I didn't decide to never let my children out of my sight again. But it is very thought provoking to say the least, on numerous topics.

emily said...

fun post! I found a couple I'll probably try! :)

-Bridget said...

Wow! I haven't even heard of most of these movies. It sounds like I can skip most of them anyway. Good job on the reviews.

Valerie said...

I want you to see "I could never be your woman." I just saw it and would like to hear what you thought about it.

I loved Mrs. Pettigrew by the way!

dallas said...

nice reviews. i wish i was able to review more current films for my reviews... but i just don't get a chance to see that many. anyway, i suppose i do the best i can.

hey... we wanna come to poo-tar for a visit in december. what are you guys up to the second week of the month? helen's brother will be in the mtc and we're thinking we might try and sneak in. what do you say?
ps... hmmm, this probably should have been a personal email.