Monday, June 01, 2009

Fun in AZ part 1

We had a full week of fun in AZ this past week. Nolan was able to spend a bunch of time with Ben's parents, which was awesome for him. (and we enjoyed it a great deal too) He had many days of fun wreaking havoc on their house.

Another part of the fun was the time we got to spend with Nathan, Jenny & Tanner. Nolan spent a lot of time hugging and tackling Tanner. There was no doubt he remembered his cousin.

They had a great time playing in the kiddie pool in Grammy & Grandpa's back yard
(yes, that rash guard is way too small, and has since been replaced)

We also got to go visit them up in Chandler to see where Nathan works, where they live, and experience a little bit of local cuisine.

The boys had so much fun together

And Nathan & Tanner's antics were cracking Nolan up

To add to the fun, we found yet another local cupcake shop. This one was up in Scottsdale, and let me tell you. . . Lulu knows how to make a cupcake. We had the lemon, chocolate/peanut butter, Strawberry shortcake, and vanilla/vanilla. All of which were very tasty. And you know I don't say that lightly.

Nolan agreed, as usual


Stefanie said...

I love it! You look like you had so much fun! And Mr. Nolan is looking even MORE grown up...SIGH....

Bonnie said...

When Nolan is cracking up, some of the pictures look like he's almost in pain. It's funny!!

mel said...

C'mon, Mama! Gimme some cupcakes!! I love the smiles! You all are beaming!!