Friday, April 06, 2007

Car Singing

I sing in the car all the time. I am a sucker for a good show tune, and I love to sing along. This is especially fun on road trips with Ben, because it's a thing that both of us like to do, and fewer people look at us funny when we're together. The idea of dancing, however, just doesn't occur to me. That's probably because I'm not a dancer by nature. In fact, even if I tried really really hard to dance well, I'd still probably look like a fish flopping on dry land.

For this very reason, when I saw the guy in front of me at a stop light this morning, I was highly amused. He was rockin out. I mean some serious grooving. And he looked like he was having a LOT of fun. He even looked into his rearview mirror, smiled, and continued on, knowing I was watching him with what was probably a badly concealed smirk. He just kept on doing his thing, maybe even more energetically once he knew I was watching.

Keep in mind, it was 8:45 in the morning. I personally believe it's close to criminal to have that much energy before double digits, but that's just me. . . It made me wonder what strangers think when they see me obviously singing along to my tunes in the car. It doesn't so much matter what they think, it just made me wonder. It made me think that I needed to enjoy my car time a little more. I should let the traffic stress me out less and see that as a time to enjoy myself a little.

I am going to endeavor not to whine about my commute for a week. I am going to do my best to enjoy the time. . . play some great tunes, and sing along. Maybe I'll have a little less stress that way.

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