Thursday, April 12, 2007

Merry Go Rounds Can Light School Houses

This morning, Ben brought my attention to a fantastic thing being done by students of BYU's engineering department. The goal was to create something that could convert human energy into electricity, using things that are readily available in Ghana, and other African nations. Read a more detailed description of the project here.

What an awesome idea! Not only does this provide people in these rural communities with power that they can create and sustain on their own, it also provides support for the education of their children. After watching War/Dance at Sundance, I am fairly convinced that the people in rural Africa are amazingly capable, strong people, just looking for a way to better their lives. This provides them with an opportunity to do that!

And, more than that, it could help us here at home.

Imagine how quickly we could contribute to the solution of helping provide funds for educating our children (a real hot button issue here in Utah right now) as well as helping solve the problem of childhood obesity. Imagine a program where each class of students spent recess time taking turns on the merry-go-round. Competitions could be held to see which class could generate the most energy. The kids would totally get behind the idea. I can just see it!

These engineering students are on to something great. I'm very impressed.

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