Monday, April 16, 2007

VA Tech

I'm sure all of you have, by now, heard about the terrible tragedy that unfolded this morning at VA Tech. If Virginia is anything like Utah was a few months ago, this will play constantly on every local station for the next few days to a week, slowly simmering down as there are fewer and fewer details to discover.

I have a lot of quesitons about this shooting. HOW did the shooter not get caught during those 2 hours between the time he shot several people (it sounds like at least 2 of the dead were from West Ambler Johnson Hall) and the time he made his way ACROSS CAMPUS to Norris Hall to continue his rampage? What made the cops think he had left campus? And were they not in all out pursuit of this guy, regardless of where he was? Where did he hide for those 2 hours?

Also, how does this community deal with something like this? Blacksburg is a small place, surrounded by mountains and completely living and breathing all things VA Tech. It is the LAST place one would think for something like this to happen. It's beautiful there. And it's beyond me how such a string of hatefulness can be unleashed on such an unsuspecting, and undeserving community.

I wanted, more than anything else, when I was a senoir in high school, to go to VA Tech. My best friends were there. I got accepted months before the letter came in the mail from BYU. I was all but certain it was where I would spend my college years. And I was happy with that. I always loved the campus. Loved the feeling that those beautiful "Hokie Stone" buildings evoked.

I am so sorry for those people and their families. I hope they receive some answers as to why this happened. And I wish the news would stop calling it "the most deadly school shooting in US history". That's just asking for copycats.

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