Friday, April 13, 2007

Lucky Stiff

We had yet another theatre going experience last night, designed not so much to support the theater we were attending as to support our friends that were involved. This production was Lucky Stiff at the Hale's Orem theater. It's one of my least favorite places to watch a show, especially sitting on the front row, as we did last night, but I'll do plenty of things I don't like for my friends. . .

Korianne was the music director, Dave Tinney directed and starred in the show, and, we found out once the show started, Skylar Hawker was the every part possible "Man 1". We like the music to the show, Ben more than I, I think, and it was a good production, especially considering the very small, very simple in-the-round set up of the theater.

All in all, I was thoroughly entertained. I was wishing I had called MUCH earlier for tickets, so we didn't end up part of the show, but it was still worthwhile. Dave was genius, as usual, and Skylar was awesome. I have never seen him do anything like that, and it will be a long time before I get the picture of his fake comb over out of my head.

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