Monday, April 16, 2007

Notes From The Underbelly

I will readily admit that I have been intrigued to see this show, having seen the commercials for it about 1,000 times in the past couple of weeks. It looked campy and silly, and probably over the top, but I was still interested.

Any pregnant woman, or at least a first time pregnant woman, would be. I like a little bit of pregnancy humor to curb the depression of growing out of all my clothes and constant nausea. It's the same reason I read books like this

to educate me about pregnancy, rather than ones like this.

Ben and I found the show really funny. Not wholly realistic, but realistic enough to amuse. I think we'll watch it again, if not just to laugh at the crazy couple getting up for "pretend feedings" in the middle of the night and swearing we'll never be that crazy.

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