Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back From Vacation

We're back! We had a fabulous vacation, but we're also grateful to be home in our own beds. Nolan wouldn't sleep in the pack and play our first 3 nights there, so we took turns sleeping with him in a twin. And let's just say his new talent for crawling made that entertaining.

Our first evening in San Diego we decided to take Nolan to the beach. Tiffany & Kurt and their girls joined us, and we had some yummy tacos at Robertos on our way out to Del Mar.

Nolan with Lily & Madison at dinner

The tide was very very high when we got there, and it was the one and only time our whole trip that we were cold. It was cool and breezy down by the water. But the sunset was gorgeous!

Nolan didn't mind the water much at first. He did OK when Ben placed his feet down into an existing wave, and he didn't mind the sand.

But he was not pleased when the wave came up to him. . .

He preferred to spend the rest of his time at the beach cuddling. We later discovered that this is his natural reaction when he's scared.

Also, I forgot how freaking awesome my hair gets in humidity. . . and how much worse this is made when my hair is short.


Amelia said...

oh, I love the snuggly nolan pictures. tooo cute. what a sweetheart.

Rebekah said...

Snuggling when scared - I'll take that! Too cute! Oh, and I totally forgot when I chopped off all of my hair how it HATES humidity. I had to buy a stronger flat iron to handle it! Totally feel your pain!