Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Friends

We were lucky enough to meet some new friends tonight for the first time. . . at least officially. Emily & I have been emailing for months, but since they live half way across the country, in St. Louis, the odds that we'd get to meet were not great.

BUT, lucky us, they came on a road trip to Utah! Nolan & their baby Noah are just 17 days apart in age. And since they have the same first initial, I thought the onesies were a fun idea. (it was a little bit of last minute improvisation, but I think it worked.)

Checking each other out while their dads held them

Oh, are we having our picture taken?

I like to think Noah is saying "Dude, did you see that?"

Posing with mommies

Thanks for playing, Emily, Joe & Noah!
It was fabulous to meet you guys.
I wish we lived closer to one another!


Angie said...

Oh that is awesome and too cute!

megan said...

Cute! The picture "oh, are we having our picture taken?" made me laugh. Their expressions are perfect.

Amelia said...

oh so jealous! looks like you guys had a blast!! Great pics, and cute idea with the shirts.

Martina said...

how fun!! i'm so jealous! emily seems like (and is) a great person! i hope you all lived it up!

Stefanie said...

It is so great to see the pics of the gathering! We just got home from being in the woods, and I got a surprise message from Em on my phone. It touched me. I really hope that someday the 3 of us can get together!!


kidzdilemmas said...

I love the onesies! those are cute pics! the picture "oh, are we having out picture taken?" was my favorite.

emily said...

So, I will also be posting some of these pics one day. :)

I love this post. Thank you for it, and THANK you for such a cool evening. Joe and I were both really tickled with how easy it was to hang out with you guys, and both of us are bummed we don't live closer.

Oh, and now Joe is jealous of Nolan's clapping and wants Noah to be able to do it, too. Ah, such high standards you set!!