Wednesday, June 25, 2008


OK, so we were in Southern California, and we had some time to kill. . .

AND, as you know, I am a bit of a cupcake fanatic.

SO, we decided to go a little bit out of our way on the way to LA, and head to Newport Beach to a Sprinkles. They're famous cupcakes. Everyone who worships cupcakes as I do knows who they are, and recognizes that perfect set of circles on top of their cupcakes. . .

The good news, I have now tried Sprinkles cupcakes. Lemon and Red Velvet. (also, they had really cool sporks, as Ben is demonstrating above)

The bad news. . . I didn't like them. Totally overrated.

Granted it was morning and I got a bit of a sugar rush from the crazy sweet/shorteningy frosting. That didn't set the best tone. But also, they were just so. . . basic. And for 3.25, they should be more than basic, in my opinion.

The cupcakes you SHOULD try, if you ever get a chance. Dots. Their lemon blew Sprinkles lemon RIGHT out of the water. If you love Sprinkles, more power to you. I am happy for you. They just weren't my personal cup of tea.

That is all I have to say about that.


Heidi said...

Can I tell you a secret? I think the ones at Magnolia Bakery in NYC are overrated too! eek, cupcake blasphemy! They were good, just not heaven in a cupcake wrapper like I expected them to be. In fact, the cupcake I had later at the cafeteria in the Metropolitan Museum was actually far superior!

Heidi said...

Oh, and we had really good cupcakes at Dear Lizzie in Alpine. But not good cupcakes from that new cupcake place that's up on Highland Drive in SLC--they were very dry. Haven't had the ones from that Mini's place yet.

emily said...

okay, I too LOVED my Dear Lizzie cupcake. YUM. Tones of frosting, but that is really my style.

I don't like frosting that is too shortening-y, so I can see your point. The pics are cute, though!

Come to STL and try my favorite cones, from The Cupcakery!