Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random San Diego

So, enough of the pictures of me looking awful on vacation (I still have to post the ones Jenny took at Sea World, but I need to get them from her first)

Here are a few other random pictures from the trip. These first two I took along the sidewalk leading back from the beach.

We always seem to go to San Diego later in the summer, so I always miss the awesome bloom of the Lilies of the Nile. They are SO pretty.

Also, I LOVE hydrangeas. We had blue ones at our wedding. I had never seen such bright pink ones before, especially growing along the side of the road. GORGEOUS!!

And our last night there I took this one:

We were driving back from Erin & Carson's house in Hillcrest when we passed a church. This was posted outside. . . We spent several minutes (after we went back around the block to take the picture) discussing what the "scary version" of Noah's Ark would consist of. . .

Anyone have any ideas?


Heidi said...

That actually made me snort when I read it! I am baffled as to what that might be. Wow. I might be tempted to show up just to satisfy my curiosity. Who knew we've been spoon-fed the Disney-fied version all these years, huh?

plugalong said...

(megan's sister)
Lovely photos!
Maybe from the point of view of the people who didn't believe and were left behind?

-Bridget said...

Scary version--Noah didn't got on that boat and we aren't around to enjoy our lattes and internet?

I'm curious too.

Pretty flowers!

emily said...

I am WAY behind on comments, so look for a few more further down...
1. Hydrangeas are my favorite, and those ones are gorgeous! Nice pic!
2. I, too, and fascinated by the "scary version" of Noah's Ark. Hmm... Might it involve sleepless nights with babies??